48-ready-to-remodelReady?  Set? …Wait, don’t go yet!  Are you sure you’re ready for your upcoming kitchen remodel?  Kitchen remodels require a lot more than hammers and nails, so make sure you have prepared for everything before actually going through with your project.  We’ve laid out a checklist below so that you can “GO” in confidence.  If you agree with the points on this list, you can comfortably move forward:

You have determined your budget – and are comfortable with it.  This budget has a minimum and a maximum, and you’ve made sure your kitchen remodel is somewhere in the middle.  If you can’t comfortably afford it, you may want to wait.

You’ve mentally prepared yourself – and accepted the fact that this is not a weekend project.  It will be stressful at times and your home will look like a demolition area for a month or so (time varies with each project).  Your kitchen will probably not work as a kitchen for a while, so you’ll need to adjust your meals accordingly.  It may also get dusty, so if anyone in your home has allergies, you’ll have to take that into account.

You know what you want – and will be happy with it for many years to come.  You’ve seen your options and chosen the one that fits your lifestyle. You’ve made sure everything will fit properly and that it all makes sense.  If you’re not sure you’ll love it, step back and find out where the hesitation stems from.  This is a long-term commitment.

You know what you’re putting in your kitchen – and have researched the products and manufacturers.  Make sure you’ve read reviews and all information available about the products, where they come from and what they’re made of.  Also, become familiar with all available warranties.

You’ve sought out professional expertise.  Maybe you’re comfortable taking on your remodel alone, but there are always surprises.  Run the details by a professional and consider their advice.

You know whom you’re working with.  You’ve chosen a reputable contractor and have covered your bases by making copies of the contractor’s license and proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance.  You’ve also agreed on a scheduled timeframe and a written quote.

If you have agreed with all of the above, you should be ready for your remodel.  Now go ahead, take a deep breath and get started.