142-eco_friendly_kitchenGuest Blogger: Jessica Stephens, Home Improvement Enthusiast

If you are considering remodeling your home for the new year you may want to think about your kitchen too. Resolutions are great and changing up the kitchen can be an ideal place to kill more than two birds with one stone. A renovation to that special room that holds your food can be a boost to your health, spiritual well-being, and even your wallet.

Projects that improve the quality of your home are brilliant because they give you more confidence towards the place you live, and such positive uplifting thoughts of home can help you feel healthier. Some of these projects are very easy to accomplish and are less involved than others around the home. You could say improving the kitchen is a big win because the investment required is relatively little for a huge gain. For those interested in the environment, it will feel good knowing you’re making your home as energy efficient and as low-impact as possible. Read on to learn two easy ways to renovate your kitchen.

Use Energy Wisely

When you’re upgrading your kitchen and home it is important to think about the long term, as well as short term benefits of the changes you are making. Keep this in mind when purchasing new appliances. ¬†Microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerator and other large appliances all have a big impact on the environment throughout their life spans.

If you have an appliance more than ten years old, consider trading it in for a newer more energy-efficient model. The upgrade will save you money on utilities, repair costs, and help reduce your footprint on the environment. You don’t have to scrap that old appliance either. Many places will recycle it for you and in some states you can even get a tax credit for making an ecologically conscious choice.

Drink Filtered Water

Filter your own water with a reverse osmosis system installed under the sink. These systems soundlessly filter water so that when you’re ready for a drink, clean water will be available. The great part about filter systems is that they save you so much money by killing your need for buying bottled water. In addition, the health benefits may surprise you. Many people are not aware that the quality of the water they get from their utilities is so bad until they taste water that is healthy and cleaner.

By not purchasing bottled water you are reducing the impact of the 167 plastic bottles it is estimated each American uses per year. The $50 billion dollar bottled water industry is somewhat appalling for its unethical practices in how water is sourced. For example, many small towns have lost their universal water rights when big soft drink corporations purchased the land atop aquifers. This water is then bottled and sold back at extreme prices. To add further insult to injury, the quality is sometimes less than that a municipality would provide. Carcinogenic compounds, bacteria, and other impurities are regularly found in the highly unregulated, monopolistic world of bottled water marketing.


By simply being mindful and thinking long-term with your kitchen renovations, the impact of your home can be greatly diminished. Consider the things that are most important for you to have before making big changes as this will ensure you are happy with the changes you’ve made. Going for the most energy-efficient models may be more expensive but over the course of ten years that could add up to a lot of energy saved. At a certain point it is no longer about money and more about the environment and everyone’s personal impact on it. By supporting environmentally-conscious products, the trend towards sustainable living can continue at an increasing pace.

Author Bio:
Jessica Stephens is a writer and home improvement enthusiast with special knowledge about health and water quality topics. Her experience in helping clients improve their homes and health informs her writing. She has written about water softeners, filtration, and much more.